When you build a home on a 53,000 acre plot (that's 21,448 hectares for those born after 1976) in the middle of nowhere there's bound to be the odd hiccup.

Let's start with the day Barrington and Walker drove out to see the site and managed to get lost in the snow.

Then there was crossing the 4 kilometre wide braided river every day which, for added amusement, changed course on a regular basis.

By the time the bulldozers towed the concrete trucks across the concrete was well and truly premixed and ready to pour. The drivers were similarly stirred to a standstill.

And finally, let's spare a thought for the poor bugger who forgot to bring the milk for the morning tea and was sent on a four hour round trip to fetch it. Still, the result is a world class home on a site that is nothing short of spectacular.

Featured in House and Garden UK