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A shared passion: Clive Barrington Construction partners with visionary architects and clients who also have an unwavering drive for excellence. Together we create luxury architectural homes in and around Canterbury.

The quality of our workmanship is exceptional and recognised nationally - Clive Barrington Construction is New Zealand's most-awarded building company. Our awards include the 2021 Supreme House of the Year Award.

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Award-winning Architectural Builders

Clive Barrington Construction has built architecturally designed homes for 43 years. Our longevity is attributed to a genuine passion for our work, at every level of the business.

'Old school' values are our DNA: working to the task - not the clock, valuing a hard day's work, and that our uncompromising approach to quality should never cost clients the earth.

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Hill Site Homes

Hillside, cliffside, hilltop, coastal, steep sites, difficult access - we take it all in our stride. Clive Barrington Construction relishes the chance to build on hill sites. It's almost disappointing when there isn't a challenging aspect to a build!

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Lifestyle Properties

Luxurious country living: Clive Barrington Construction builds architecturally designed homes in rural and urban fringe settings throughout Greater Canterbury. Isolated locations, tricky access, harsh weather and environments don't daunt us.

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City Living

City life but not as you know it! By collaborating with architects and clients from early planning and design stage, Clive Barrington Construction has helped create many of Christchurch's most challenging, innovative and spectacular homes.

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Commercial Fit Outs

Clive Barrington Construction also has a forté for high-end, architecturally designed commercial Fit Outs - e.g. office, retail, hospitality. We have a successful track record, impressive Portfolio, architects and commercial clients' references.

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Clive Barrington Construction specialises in high-end architectural homes and Commercial Fit Outs - projects which often stretch the boundaries of traditional architecture, design and construction.

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New arrivals to Clive Barrington Construction

February 27th, 2023

A big welcome to Isabella Urbani as an apprentice carpenter and Jono Taylor start as a Foreman.

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Winning Team

January 16th, 2023

At the commencement of each year the team at Clive Barrington construction get together at the company offices to re cal...

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Clive Barrington Construction - 2022 Sapphire Award Winner

September 9th, 2022

Sapphire awards recognise outstanding achievement in building excellence and are awarded to companies who win three or m...

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