"He's the sort of guy who jumps off a cliff and starts building his wings on the way down" - horrified bystander on the Red Rock Lane build.

When you've been building on problematic sites as long as Barrington's team has you become somewhat blasé about what other people perceive as problems and what the team just see as part of the day's work.

Of course you expect no less when the company's founder served his time with a builder called James Bond (No, Barrington can't believe it either.)

One of these was a Hollywood spectacular in Red Rock Lane which took out the Supreme Award in 2008.

Behind the scenes a white knuckled driver sat rigid in his concrete truck which had decided the best way to navigate the steep incline was in reverse.

Meanwhile Barrington's men were dangling over a precipice negotiating 300 kilogram glass panels into place with their spirit levels firmly clenched between their teeth.

Then there was the Whitewash Head Road property that had everyone between a rock and a hard place. The rock was volcanic and the hard place was the Pacific Ocean, which makes for one hell of a boundary line.

Despite unwanted assistance from the occasional passing seagull the collaboration between architectural designer Stephen Fitzgerald and Clive Barrington Construction was considered by many as the most successful and innovative build ever to grace the cliffs of Scarborough.