Heath Walters - General Manager

Clive Barrington Construction's General Manager wouldn't know ordinary if he fell over it. Hardly surprising given that the company he now manages has never done ordinary either. Formerly a leading Commercial Manager for ASB Bank, Heath already had plenty of experience in dealing with Clive's idea of what it took to be a multi-award building construction company but he very bravely took the job anyway. Heath's financial, strategic and leadership skills continue to put Clive Barrington Construction front and centre in the rebuild of Christchurch. Having played a key role in funding key rebuilding projects across Christchurch, Heath not only understands the word challenge he actually lives it most days because that's what it takes to run a company that has never believed in something just being good enough.


David Walker - Director / Operations Manager

Dave Walker has put more than 20 years into Clive Barrington Construction, taking complex design and build plans and turning them into pieces of sheer art for the company’s clients. His resilience, cool head and ability to get on with anyone is legendary and directly attributable to his working alongside Barrington in the early days. It’s rumoured that if you can survive that then you’re pretty much fireproof. We haven’t tested that theory yet but only because Dave won’t let go of the matches.


Hayden Prattley - Project Manager

Being responsible for managing a Clive Barrington Construction site is an interesting exercise. Usually Hayden has to come to grips with cutting edge, cliff side sites and hundreds of tonnes of glass and steel. Then he gets to handle every detail down to the last bolt, deal with any issues as and when they arise and keep the job on deadline. More than that; he has to do this without showing any fear or amazement whatsoever…even when the concrete truck appears to be going backwards down the hill at some speed. We love him for that, and not surprisingly, so do our clients.


Katrina Prattley - Quantity Surveyor

When our Project Manager Hayden Prattley started taking a cavalier attitude towards sharing his play lunch with the team we took immediate measures. We asked his wife, Katrina, to join the company. Yes, we know it sounds harsh but we’re all about accountability here at Clive Barrington Construction. As a Quantity Surveyor with strong commercial experience, Katrina is not one of those people who takes a wild guess at what a project may take to complete. She’s got it planned, costed and contracted down to the last nail. Having done that, she takes a very dim view of anyone who tries to veer from the path of project cost righteousness. A former Coast to Coast competitor, Katrina is quite capable of hunting them down if that’s what it takes to get them to count their staples, screws and rivets. Organised, driven and frighteningly efficient, Katrina is a huge asset to Clive Barrington Construction, not least because Hayden is now sharing his play lunch like any caring team member would.


Margaret Grantham - Office Administrator

Behind every successful construction company is a woman calling the shots. Financial tracking, administration and making sure the right team is up, dressed and on site on time is Margaret’s job. Those who are foolish enough to doubt where the real power lies in this company only make that mistake once. Margaret finds that having their staples inserted backward in their staple gun for a week usually sorts them out.


Alan Macgregor - Senior Quantity Surveyor

Experience, integrity, vision and a sense of humour define this man who has the measure (sorry about that) of every site and every job we can throw at him. From conception to completion, Alan’s uncompromising eye and refusal to believe that near enough is anywhere good enough gives Clive Barrington Construction a definite edge in this industry. And a very well measured, analysed, commercially sound and considered edge that is too. When you want a complex project costed on the button always look for someone with a Scottish heritage.


Blair Stewart - Project Manager

One of our top-performing foremen, Blair re-joined Clive Barrington Construction at the start of the year.
Rumours that he left to join the French Foreign Legion for respite care after years of working for Clive have never been proved. Having managed some of the company’s most spectacular builds, including “The Rocks” in Sumner, Blair is known for his skill, dedication and downright bloody mindedness when it comes to delivering on builds that were deemed near impossible for other builders. Well respected in the industry, Blair is also a skilled negotiator, having famously talked Clive into bringing him coffee while he was dangling off a cliff side overseeing one of the company’s more challenging projects.
A reminder that he holds a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Karate was apparently the clinching argument.