Clive Barrington Construction was built on the same theory Clive applies to the building industry in general. Good people doing good work to produce good results... consistently.

George Bernard Shaw said “Nothing is worth doing unless the consequences may be serious” Clive Barrington Construction’s seriously good work across the greater Canterbury region has seen it become a familiar name in the annual roll call of regional and national House of the Year Awards.

Problematic sites, innovative design and clients who expect perfection as a starting point are a normal day for this company which understands that being picky, pedantic and precise are essential to delivering superlative work.

Working alongside nationally and internationally acknowledged architects Clive Barrington Construction has built and totally restored many of Canterbury’s most admired homes.

When the company made a commitment to making a significant investment in the future and quality of the building industry through initiatives such as its apprentice programme it even managed to talk its founder into planting a small forestry behind his house. Now that’s what we call having some skin in the game.

Clive’s thoughts
Interesting, complex and
completely off-the-wall
clients… yes.
Ordinary clients…no.