Clive Barrington
  Barrington began his career early; starting with reassembling his cot to his own exacting specifications and smoothing his porridge with a spirit level. His drive for perfection in the building industry saw him on the winner’s podium at the Master Builder of the Year Awards more than was considered decently possible.
Specialising in creating sublime homes across the greater Canterbury region on sites that ranged from the challenging to the outrageously problematic, Barrington continues to push for excellence across the building sector, working in partnership with architects and clients with outstanding result.
A strong investor in the future of construction, Barrington has supported the Apprentice of the Year Awards and been President of the Master Builders Association.
Barrington’s contribution to the industry is considered unparalleled in Canterbury and he is appalled, and quite frankly amazed, to find himself dangerously close to being something of a benchmark for younger builders.




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