Clive Barrington Construction Limited is not only taking care of business, it’s also taking care of the environment.
More than five thousand native trees, including totara, kahikatea, beech and matai have now taken up residence in Clive and Gillian’s property in West Melton.
While most people content themselves with the odd garden gnome and, if they’re really splashing out, a water feature, the Barringtons have apparently decided to grow a house from scratch.
Now that’s really environmentally friendly.
The local council is so impressed with their commitment to putting back all that wood he’s used over the years it’s thinking about making it a reserve.
If it goes well Clive’s next idea is to pot up some steel filings and grow his own nails.

Clive’s thoughts
If you believe in quality
work you’ve got to invest in
its future and somewhere,
amongst all those trees,
Jess’s kennel is being born.